OpenEmbedded for TS7800

I've been working on adding OpenEmbedded support for the ts7800. So far I can build an Angstrom console-image which produces a bootable 2.6.28 linux kernel. I boot the kernel from an SD card with the initrd from TS and then mount the Angstrom root file system via nfsroot. I use a modified linuxrc on the initrd image which handles the nfs stuff.

There are some issues with the root image that still need to be handled via the OpenEmbedded system. I have just hacked the generated root file system by hand to work around those so far.

I have set up a public git repository with my changes at which can be obtained with this command:

 $ git clone git://

It order to make setting up a local OpenEmbedded tree for the ts7800 easier, I have created another repository on github that has my set up and a script to fetch both the official OpenEmbedded repository and my branch. This repo also holds my linuxrc script mentioned above. Use the following commands to use my setup:

 $ git clone git://
 $ cd oe-setup
 $ ./Fetch-oe-ts7xxx  # sit back and wait for everything to download

NOTE: The Fetch-oe-ts7xxx script may have conflicts since it uses the latest OE repo stuff which may not have been pushed up to my github branch. You can avoid that by not using the Fetch script and just cloning my oe-ts7xxx repo. I recommend using the Fetch script since may give you an opportunity to practice handling merge conflicts, which you will have to do at some point any ways.

I'm still very much in the learning stages of using OpenEmbedded (and git for that matter), so please let me know if there is anything wrong with my work.

Links to my github projects: